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You can visit our website without having to provide us any personal data. If you use services which are on offer, it is generally the case that only the data that required to render those services will be gathered. If we ask you for more detailed data, the information in question is voluntary. The personal data are processed exclusively for the rendering of the requested service and for safeguarding our own justified commercial interests.
NOBORAN Ltd protects any information that may be used to identify an individual (personal data), including, but not limited to, your name, company name, mailing address, e-mail address, fax number and phone number. This information will only be stored when you explicitly transmit it to the web site. We use this information only to answer your questions and to send you requested information.
We will forward your personal data to third parties only as far as is absolutely necessary for the rendering of the requested service. Beyond that we will neither disclose, sell, or otherwise market your personal data to other companies or institutions without receiving an express declaration of consent from you. Other conditions shall apply if we are obliged by the law or a court judgment to disclose and communicate the data.
Nevertheless, we would like to point out that a perfect protection of your personal data during its transmission through the Internet cannot be guaranteed. Other users on the Internet can be able to penetrate a network's security, allowing them to monitor and control network traffic.
You are entitled to exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation and objection to the processing of your personal data by sending an e-mail message or letter to the company.
Miskolc, Hungary
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