SZS Micro Beads

Zirconium Silicate

Zirconium Silicate Grinding Media - Overview
Zirconium silicate grinding media are popular, medium density (4.0 g/cm3) products. Grinding beads are produced from specially formulated zirconium silicate, using a carefully controlled dripping technique followed by high temperature sintering and surface conditioning. Being a sintered bead, it does not have the problems that electro-fused beads have, such as broad size, bad roundness, large pores, etc.
The combination of chemical composition, manufacturing process and surface conditioning yields good wear resistance, resulting in low contamination and improved cost effectiveness.
Compared with yttria stabilized or ceria stabilized zirconia beads, zirconium silicate has lower density and productivity but compared to alumina beads, it has higher productivity, which makes it very economical.
It can be reasonably applied to every type of grinding machine (vertical or horizontal).

Zirconium silicate grinding media is widely used in grinding of coatings, inks, dyestuffs, pesticides, cosmetics, titanium dioxide, magnetic materials, kaolin, calcium carbonate, fillings, and surface treatments.
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