Sintering Jigs

Metallurgical | Steel | Aluminium | Non-Ferrous Metal

Metallurgical Industry       

  • Plates, trays and crucibles for sintering
  • Boats for heat treatment     
  • Casting dies and moulds 
  • Custom-made furnace components and fixtures
  • Impellers, rotors, shafts, stirring rods, skimmers, plunging bells, etc.
  • Heating elements, heating rods and tubes, holders and contacts
  • Flexible carbon and graphite felts for thermal insulation
  • Rigid graphite felts and composite sandwich boards for thermal insulation
Steel Industry       
  • Graphite electrodes
  • Graphite heating rods
  • Tubes for steel degassing
Aluminium Industry   
  • Fluxing (degassing) tubes, stirring rods, canisters, etc. 
  • Impeller systems for aluminium degassing
  • Casting rings for hot top casting
  • Plates and rolls for aluminium extrusion presses    
Non-Ferrous Metal Industry       
  • Dies for continuous casting
  • Crucibles for continuous casting
  • Mandrel pins
  • Heating rods and contacts for resistance furnaces
  • Tubes for thermocouples
  • Stirring rods, plugs and spouts
  • Fluxing (degassing) tubes and degassing lances
  • Crucibles for precious metals
  • Boats and moulds for ingots

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